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Emergency Vehicle Detection

Emergency Vehicle Detection

Alert drivers of approaching emergency vehicles

When asked how in-car technology could best improve their driving experience in the future, nearly half of respondents to a Cerence survey said they are looking for greater assistance during stressful driving situations. Cerence Emergency Vehicle Detection (EVD) provides just that, integrating with the automotive assistant to alert drivers about approaching police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks so they can adapt their driving accordingly.

Cerence EVD uses existing microphones to accurately and reliably recognize a broad array of emergency siren signals and the direction they are coming from. Once a siren is identified, the volume of the radio or other media is lowered, and the driver is alerted visually via the headunit and via audio from the automotive assistant.

In many countries, it is required by law that drivers give way to emergency vehicles, and autonomous cars are required to detect and react to emergency vehicles as well. Cerence EVD addresses these regulations and will be critical to the cars of the future.

Features and Benefits 

All Siren Types

Supports all relevant siren types that are used throughout the world: multi-tone, wail, yelp, phaser/piercer, warble & whoop, etc.

Wide Coverage

Detects 500+ sirens from more than 150 siren generators that have been collected from 15 different countries, with more on the way.

Low False Alarm Rate

Tested on 75 hours of car cabin noise (driving noise, passenger speech, telephony) from 30 vehicle models of 20 different car manufacturers.

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