Creating the ultimate voice experience with expansive automotive domains

Cerence Drive Domains

Cerence Drive Domains

Putting the driver in control with a broad set of capabilities from behind the wheel

Cerence Drive Domains offer packaged solutions and capabilities for virtually every major automotive manufacturer across the globe. Cerence Drive Domains are like apps or skills, providing rich capabilities as the content and capability engine for the voice assistant.

Built with the automotive user top of mind, the unique voice assistant is powered with everything you need for an intuitive, natural experience. That means innovative ASR and NLU technologies and integrations with leading content providers. Available on cloud and embedded platforms in over 30 languages with a hybrid solution for vehicles with a network connection.

With Cerence Drive Domains, the automotive assistant is ready to...

Give directions.
Play entertainment.
Send messages.
Control vehicle functions.
Keep drivers connected and safe.
And much, much more...

Features and Benefits

Navigation...set off for anywhere

Get directions, ask for restaurant recommendations, find nearby parking, search business hours. Even locate the next EV charging station. Enter your destination in your own language, no matter where you are.
“Navigate home”
“Show me charging stations along my route”
“Find an Italian restaurant in Sindelfingen that accepts credit cards”

Media...listen to favorites

Put on the latest episode of the podcast you like, tell Spotify to play your road trip playlist, hear the latest news updates. The best content provider for the job will step in.
“Play my summer playlist on Spotify”
“Resume The Daily podcast”
“Tune to NPR”

Calling and Messaging...keep in touch

Hands-free communication on-the-go to keep drivers focused. Listen to your latest emails, seamlessly share your location with friends, quickly reply to texts with preset messages, and call the pizza place before arriving home.
“Call mom on WhatsApp”
“Read the first email from John”
“Send a text to Anna’s mobile saying on my way”

Productivity...stay on top of things

Manage your calendar, set reminders, take notes. Do it all without lifting a finger.
“Create an event called Lunch with Eduardo tomorrow at noon”
“Show my tasks”
“Set a reminder to buy milk today at 5pm”

Information...ask questions on the go

Check the weather forecast, learn about local tourist attractions as you pass them, and stay on top of flights, stocks, sports scores and your daily horoscope. Simply ask.
“Will it rain in Paris on Thursday?”
“What’s that building on the left?”
“Is flight AF345 on time?

Utilities...use tools throughout your ride

Be prepared for wherever your trip takes you with useful things like games, calculator, and currency convertor.
“Is there a holiday this weekend in California?”
“How much is 10 gallons in liters?”
“How much is $50 in Euros?”

Car Control...go button-less and contact-free

Control the functions of your car by voice without pressing any buttons or going through deep menus.
“Switch the seat heating for the driver to 25 degrees”
“Increase the speed of the wipers”
“Defrost the side mirrors”
“Lower the rear windows halfway”

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