Our AI knows your users as well as it knows the world.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Deliver a personalized experience that adapts to every context.

Don’t just give drivers options. Give them answers.
Our AI knows your users as well as it knows the world. With future mobility around the corner, connected driving is less of a dream than an expectation. Soon every car will have an AI-powered automotive assistant— but only those equipped with Cerence Drive will offer a solution intuitive enough to think for users, curating responses based on who they are, who they’re with, what’s around them, and where they’re headed. We are driven by the goal to achieve these things within an experience that is also personalized to users and omniscient about their changing world.

Improve every aspect of your user’s experience in the car.
A truly intelligent automotive assistant makes every interaction better, leaving your customers safer, more productive, and happier behind the wheel. Cerence goes far beyond driving-related features to support an evolving array of functionalities, including in-car office, control of vehicle functions, weather, sports, restaurants, and more

A new standard for connected driving
Equipped with broad domain coverage, access to external content services, and interoperability with third- party assistants, Cerence helps voice assistants address even the most complex, multifaceted requests. Its understanding of context encompasses multiple sources and established history, allowing it to act on input like, “Find a good coffee shop with Wi-Fi en route, about two hours from the hotel—and make sure I turned the living room thermostat to 50.”

Collaborative conversations
Our innovation leadership in conversational AI and natural language understanding (NLU) ensures that users feel understood—even when they speak in shorthand. Cerence Drive’s contextual reasoning capability extends to users’ speech, enabling assistants to connect the dots based on previous dialogues. Instead of scripted commands, the assistant responds to nuanced, dynamic dialogues and casual speech. And, once a topic or destination is mentioned, it doesn’t need to be repeated, allowing follow-up questions like, “What time do they open?” or “Will it rain there?”

Features and Benefits


Imagine a navigation system that is completely attuned to users’ priorities, their passengers’ profiles, and current road conditions, traffic issues, weather hazards, and more. Our intelligent platform takes the guesswork out of route choosing, enabling drivers to get where they’re going faster, safer, and more enjoyably—every time


When the gas tank is getting low, the last thing a driver needs is an undifferentiated list of gas stations to choose from. Unlike most apps and assistants, Cerence Drive offers targeted advice based on preferences and circumstances. For example, it will guide a rushed truck owner without cash to the closest station that has diesel pumps, requires no detour, and accepts credit cards.


A driver’s preferences for parking may vary based on weather, price, time considerations, security, and distance. With Cerence Drive, the car narrows in on the best choice based on the user’s personal identity and unique situation. If it’s raining, the assistant will choose a covered garage. For a user who has time and likes to walk, it may choose a lot that is across a park from their destination.

Maintenance and in-car functionality

With a smart car manual, your cars participate conversationally in their own maintenance, going beyond warning lights and backup sensors to keep drivers informed of exactly what they need and when. Integrated with your car’s sensors and expert in its manual, Cerence attunes users to the full functionality of their cars and enables them to control in-vehicle functions, such as air-conditioning.

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