A voice clone solution to personalize the in-car assistant

My Car My Voice

My Car, My Voice

Create a custom voice—yours, a loved one, or a friend

Today’s voice assistants typically come with a set of pre-determined voice options. With Cerence’s My Car, My Voice, Cerence has changed the game, enabling drivers to quickly and easily create a carbon copy of their own voice or that of a family member or friend to be the persona of the voice assistant in their cars. This custom voice will function in the same capacity of any out-of-the box voice, giving directions, reading messages, and providing updates.

Using cutting-edge deep neural nets and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies, this new capability can process, clone, and add custom voices to an automotive assistant’s voice library. To create a voice clone, a person simply records a series of short sentences using a mobile app that guides the user through the recording, allowing for corrections or pauses as needed. The system can also account for uneven volume of recording or other inconsistencies. In addition to creating and using their own original voice, people can also choose other versions of the voice assistant that are more sensible or humorous, making interaction with the voice assistant more interesting and fun.




Features and Benefits

A More Personalized Experience

What could be more personal than the voice of a loved one of friend telling you to turn left in 500 feet? As drivers continue to look for increasing levels of customization in the car, My Car My Voice delivers the ultimate personalization.

Deeper Emotional Connection

Drivers have always been emotionally connected to their cars. My Car My Voice deepens this connection, driving brand loyalty and creating opportunities for future revenue for OEMs.

Enhanced Safety

Not only does My Car My Voice create a more human-like experience in the car, but it also enhances safety—when the car is delivering notifications or information, the voice of a loved one can generate a more attentive or urgent response from a driver than a generic voice.

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