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Avril 17, 2019
The way we view the world is changing. The abundance of information at our fingertips is being blended with the world around us with the development of augmented reality, (AR) – superimposing computer-generated data over the real world, providing a composite view of our surroundings.
Avril 10, 2019
The autonomous vehicle revolution is gaining momentum. The technology promises to make our lives far easier, taking the stress out of traveling, make commuting time more productive and entertaining, while at the same time making our roads safer. But there’s one aspect of the technology that still
Mars 13, 2019
Who do you trust? Why do you trust them? For me trust is the measure of a true friend. If I don’t trust someone, then that person and I aren’t close. There is something so instinctual with feeling the security and safety of trust. In fact, safety needs are primal — just after our physiological

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