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Juillet 27, 2021
By Nils Lenke, VP & GM, Apps  “Are we there yet?” It’s a phrase most parents have heard during road trips with our kids because, let’s face it: car rides can be boring. With autonomous driving on the horizon, this feeling may even eventually extend to the “driver” as their once-active role in the
Juillet 12, 2021
By Rahul Hatkar, Senior Director, Software Engineering & GM, India Voice. It is the first sense we experience, even before we are born. As we develop, sound, smell, sight, touch, and taste enable us to receive and send sensory information. Of these, sound, and more specifically voice, has always
Juin 21, 2021
By Christophe Couvreur, VP of Product  I recently had the pleasure of joining Dean Harris, Automotive Business Development, NVIDIA; Alexandra Baleta, Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Director, VMWare; and Sunil Samel, VP, Products, Akridata for an exciting conversation about edge computing for
Juin 16, 2021
By Rocky Graziano, Human Resources Program Manager Over the last several months, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing profiles of our CEO Award winners, a talented, passionate group of leaders from across our organization. Today’s post may mark the final installment in this series, but our commitment
Mai 13, 2021
By Richard Mack, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer It’s no secret that the modern car buying process is no longer only a test of gas mileage, body style and engine type. In-car technology and the experience it empowers for drivers has become critical for OEMs to differentiate their

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