March 29, 2023

By Kate Hickman, Head of Global Communications

With 20 offices located across the world’s most renowned AI centers, Cerence’s global footprint ensures it can deliver solutions that scale across languages, cultures and borders, while still providing deep localized expertise to the markets it serves. Our state of-the art R&D and Delivery Center in Pune, India is one exceptional example of what sets Cerence apart. Catering to global clients, the Center is critical in catalyzing the next great innovations coming out of our AI labs – from inception to getting them in the hands of drivers. At the same time, our Pune team is focused on local market needs, supporting Cerence’s expansion plans in India as our presence there sees continued growth. 

The Pune Center houses three audio tuning labs as well as a lab for integration and quality assurance. It employs more than 400 professionals, together making up a deeply experienced and cross-functional team, that works arm in arm with our employees around the globe as we usher in the next generation of conversational AI. Equipped with local expertise, the Pune team has been instrumental in advancing our solution set’s language capabilities, which now support Indian English, Hindi, Tamil and Telgu. Support for additional languages like Bengali and Punjabi are in progress as we invest in enabling customers to deliver hyper-local conversational experiences. 

The Cerence Difference

  • We offer a unique blend of flexible technology and professional services enabling OEMs to create branded conversational experiences at scale, while retaining full control of their data and ownership of customer relationships. This allows brands to bring best-of-breed AI into their connected experiences while seizing opportunities for new digital revenue streams. And because Cerence offers embedded and cloud-based solutions, it delivers flexibility for hybrid infrastructure that enables fast response times and connectivity on the go. 
  • Long the pioneer and leader in the automotive industry – one out of every two cars on the road features Cerence technology – we are redefining what in-car AI assistants are capable of today we the introduction of our immersive companion. Our innovations in vehicle connectivity are enabling more convenient, personalized and intelligent experiences for drivers and passengers alike. Even for those cars that are not connected, our Cerence Link solution – led by our team in Pune – is able to extract vehicle data and deliver an extensive suite of benefits from driver behavior monitoring and geofencing to remote diagnostic monitoring and vehicle maintenance reminders. 
  • Going beyond automotive, we are also bringing Cerence innovation to new markets including through our Cerence Ride, our two-wheeler platform, and expanding the ways in which our Audio AI, biometrics and productivity solutions can be integrated into applications outside the automotive space. 

“It is because of the strength of our robust global team we can innovate at a rapid pace and break the mold of possibility in conversational AI,” Manish Bhasin, VP & General Manager, India at Cerence. “We are excited at the prospect of what is to come from our talent in India and the advanced labs in our Pune Center, both on a local level and for the benefit we can bring our global customer base as a result.” 

Hindi demo

To learn more and see our localized solution for Hindi in action, check out this video

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