May 17, 2023

By Michael Platco, Internal Communications & Employer Brand

To show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our employees, Cerence decided to go all out last week with a week-long Employee Appreciation celebration, filled with exciting events, games, and activities that brought employees together from across the globe. Employee Appreciation Week 2023 was a huge success, with hundreds of employees coming together to celebrate as a team with activities held in over a dozen offices worldwide. 

One of the many highlights of the week was our global fashion show, which showcased the unique styles and personalities of our employees and their cultures. The fashion show was a fun and engaging way to bring employees together and celebrate their individuality and creativity. From the bold and bright colors of cosplay to traditional cultural styles the world over, our fashion show was a true reflection of the diverse and vibrant community at Cerence. Also, who doesn’t like wearing their favorite shirt to work?

In addition to the fashion show, we also held a group photo contest, where teams from around the world came together to show off their Cerence spirit and take some amazing photos. The photos captured the essence of the Cerence community and showed that no matter where we are in the world, we are all part of the same team. The power of group selfies is immeasurable. 

We also had multiple trivia events throughout the week, where employees tested their knowledge of everything from pop culture to Cerence history. The trivia events were a fun and engaging way to learn more about each other and bond as a team. 

One takeaway from EAW was just how varied our regional offices are in their preference of games. Truly, we had it all – from a 30-person cornhole bracket in Burlington, Mass., USA, to a HIGHLY competitive tabletop soccer tournament in Aachen, Germany. 

Another exciting aspect of the week was our Remote Employee Coffee Chats, which were attended by over 50 employees. During these chats, we covered everything from the pros and cons of working from home to what our ideal superpowers would be. It was a great way to connect with colleagues and share ideas and experiences. 

Overall, this Employee Appreciation Week was one for the record books and a testament to the strong community we have at Cerence. Want to join our team and celebrate our next Employee Appreciation Week with us? Visit to check out our open roles. 

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