April 07, 2023

By Michael Platco, Internal Communications & Employer Brand 

At Cerence, we are always looking for opportunities to shine a spotlight on the countless stories from across our global teams. Recently, we had a chance to sit down with someone who is constantly working on connecting speech to text.  One of our Research Engineers, Davide Cota.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Cerence?
I like working at Cerence because it is a place where you can work without any kind of constraints and you're free to do all the tasks that you deem valid. Basically, I like to work at Cerence because it is a unique experience. 

What’s your favorite moment from working at Cerence? 
My favorite moment about working in Cerence is from a conference where we had the chance to show all of our colleagues the fruit of our work.

What’s kept you at Cerence?
It is a very, very interesting experience here. I feel that we're making an impact on the life of people.  That is more and more natural. So, this is a huge boost for the world.

In what ways do you feel encouraged to grow in your career at Cerence?
There are so many interesting projects that drive me to always deliver the best performance possible. 

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
When not at work, I like to leverage the beautiful mountains that we have near our office. I go skiing during the winter and during summer I love to fish in my hometown in Puglia. I'm also a year-round basketball player - or I try to be! 


Check out this video to hear more from Davide! 

Want to join Davide and our other amazing team members? Check out our open roles at https://www.cerence.com/careers

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