Pioneers and futurists

We’re leaders in AI-powered speech recognition, natural language understanding and generation, and acoustic modeling technology  – the virtual assistant for every iconic automobile brand in the world.


Mobility that's sensory.

We’re the first word in speech recognition but we go far beyond. It’s our ability to read emotion, gaze, gesture and handwriting that sets us apart from everyone. There’s deep integration with sensors inside and outside the car along with third-party assistants. Open platform, nicer playground, happier drivers and passengers.


Be the world leader in AI-powered assistants for mobility.


A safer, more enjoyable journey for everyone.


Empower a digital ecosystem for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Top Reasons

Advances, advantages.

An innovator’s mindset, a global team and network, a well-honed skill for collaboration. Just a few of the reasons we’re always in motion.

Advanced Solutions

Mobility AI leadership

Hybrid solutions platform

Broad local language coverage

Custom integration and experience

Singular focus on automotive market

Close OEM Relationships

Open, neutral platform

OEM maintains control of data

Strategic OEM alignment

3rd party support for virtual assistants through OEM-branded interface

Entrenched customer relationships

Competitive Edges

Superior benchmarked technology

Significant scale and scope

Far-reaching, global team

Best-in-class language portfolio

Design and UX Expertise

Decades of design experience

Global UX and human factors teams

Advanced dialogue design skills

Award-winning solutions

Proven user satisfaction metrics


Best in mobility.

We're proud to have earned high recognition in our industry. It's a testament to a lot of talented people who insist on big ideas and fresh innovations. They're the engine that keeps Cerence rolling.

Our History

New name, renewed energy.

You probably know us by our previous name - Nuance. We're now Cerence. It's an invented word inspired by the right and left side of the brain - bringing intelligence and emotional experiences together. There's a new agility, tighter focus and even higher investment in R&D. We practically invented AI in cars and we don't plan on stopping.


Auto Showroom 2030

We live at the intersection of Mobility and Future. The way people move will fundamentally evolve over the next 10 years. Advances in AI, shared and autonomous vehicles, the explosion of IoT and societal shifts will all change the journey. Here’s what we’re focused on.

Autonomous Driving

Hands-free and eyes-free solutions

Trip planning services

Infotainment and productivity

Car sensors and cloud data with contextual intelligence

Intelligent HMI that builds trust and acceptance

Transfer of driver control

Shared Mobility

Extra time to engage with apps and services

Consistent, personalized experience across cars driven by multiple drivers and drivers using multiple cars

Intuitive UI that eliminates training for car sharing

Virtual Assistants

Broad smartphone and smart speaker use

On-demand access to assistants and bots

Portability between car and home

Vehicle Intelligence

Real-time data and content

Increased computing power on board

Proprietary OEM virtual assistants

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