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Platform Developers

As the use of in-car voice assistants explodes, they have become an innovative point of differentiation for OEMs. Carmakers want the freedom to offer distinct and compelling voice solutions that redefine the driver experience and create a deep connection to their brand for years to come.

Cerence Studio provides the tools and services to put OEMs and third-party developers in the driver’s seat for creating unique experiences. It provides access to Cerence’s intuitive natural language understanding technology (NLU) and advanced conversational dialog system to develop custom domains that take automotive voice assistants to the next level, whether it’s creating chatbots, jokes and games, or even the car manual. All of this allows for a branded experience that will help set automakers apart from their competition.

Cerence Studio is a comprehensive development environment that goes beyond voice recognition, NLU, and dialog tools to collaboratively manage the lifecycle of a project. From ideation to production, Cerence Studio provides access to tools, tutorials, technology, and expertise from Cerence’s decades of experience in developing best-in-class in-car voice assistants.

Cerence Studio Offerings


Cerence Studio NLU

A tool for authoring statistical NLU models that can interpret voice input for deployed systems.

Cerence Studio Dialog

A system that can be used to define conversation flows and responses from the assistant.

Cerence Studio Management Tools

These allow developers to manage the lifecycle of a project with capabilities, such as permissions, simulation, testing, collaboration, and more.

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