January 10, 2024

Cerence Assistant will empower GWM drivers and passengers worldwide with enhanced, multi-seat voice interaction

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today announced that Great Wall Motor Company (GWM), one of China’s largest SUV, pickup, and electric vehicle manufacturers, has selected Cerence to power the in-car experience across its lineup as it expands worldwide. GWM will deploy this new, Cerence-powered user experience in 13 languages across 20 countries in key car models, including the GWM TANK300, GWM TANK500, ORA 07, and POER, bringing intuitive, natural interaction to drivers globally.

GWM and Cerence have collaborated to bring new, enhanced user experiences to GWM drivers. GWM is leveraging Cerence Assistant and Cerence Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) to provide key features, including wake-up word activation (“Hey GWM”); support for multi-step interactions; and multi-zone interaction, meaning drivers and passengers can both engage with the assistant and receive support specified to their seat and needs. Cerence SSE even enables users to interrupt the assistant for more efficient and effective interactions. GWM is also leveraging Cerence SSE to improve audio quality for phone calls and interaction with other assistant platforms present in the car. GWM and Cerence will continue to collaborate to deliver ongoing upgrades and features, including new generative AI and large language model-based capabilities, to drivers via cloud updates post-vehicle purchase.

“We consider Cerence to be a pivotal partner in our global expansion efforts. We are very grateful for their provision of intelligent products and services. This collaboration is set to fortify GWM’s global strategy, promising a more intelligent and user-centric interactive experience for our customers across the globe. As we look to the future, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with Cerence to deliver superior intelligent products and services, meeting and exceeding the transportation needs of our worldwide customers,” said Nicole Wu, Vice President of Intelligence, Great Wall Motor.

Cerence Assistant offers GWM drivers voice-powered support for multitude of functions, including key features like navigation, media, and phone calling; cloud-based content like weather and online music; car information like gas or battery level, vehicle mileage, and maintenance; and vehicle controls like window, sunroof, climate, ambient light, seat temperature, and more.

“Great Wall Motor’s success in China serves as a strong foundation for success globally as it expands worldwide and brings new electric models to market,” said Stefan Ortmanns, CEO, Cerence. “By empowering drivers with intuitive, intelligent voice interaction, GWM will advance its mission of accelerating innovation that serves a global consumer base. We are proud to be part of GWM’s global success.”

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