January 07, 2022

Digital twin enables real-time, digital representation of the car in cloud and transforms the in-car user experience with proactive artificial intelligence

LAS VEGAS and BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, and VinFast, the Vietnamese smart EV brand with fast global expansion, today announced that VinFast vehicles will be cloud connected using the Cerence Connected Vehicle Digital Twin (CCVDT) platform.

As VinFast expands globally, it has selected Cerence to provide innovative cloud and AI capabilities that will enhance comfort, security, safety, and convenience and transform the driving experience for VinFast’s customers.

Completely cloud- and software-based, Cerence’s digital twin capabilities enable VinFast to essentially create a virtual representation of its entire car, including software, mechanics, electrics, and physical behavior, along with driver data and environmental data in the cloud. VinFast will not only be able to offer its drivers extended digital cockpit capabilities that enhance the driving experience, including access to deeper information about the car, but also enable proactive AI notifications that leverage this real-time data to update and inform drivers in new ways.

In addition, Cerence supports VinFast in further leveraging its vehicles for contextual applications and making information available to key partners to enable new use cases like delivery services for in-car package delivery and electric vehicle charging networks for integrated vehicle charge status and nearby charging options.

“As we look to the future of smart electric vehicles, it’s critical for VinFast that we build a network of innovative partners that share in our mission of bringing design, manufacturing, and technology advancements together to improve the lives of drivers and our planet,” said Hong Sang Bae, VinFast CTO. “The incredible capabilities of Cerence Connected Vehicle Digital Twin are key in our efforts to creating the world’s first truly connected car that will revolutionize the driving experience and delight our drivers.”

With Cerence, VinFast can deliver an enhanced user experience through proactive information and notifications, including:

  • Safety: notification for missed stop sign or similar events; suggestions to improve driving; and predictions for weather-related changes in driving conditions
  • Convenience: integration with calendar for reminders about upcoming meetings; parking suggestions based on personal preferences; AI-powered low fuel and low tire pressure predictions
  • Comfort: precondition the vehicle based on upcoming weather conditions; offer to play favorite music and deliver personalized news, stock, and sports updates
  • Security: reminders to close doors and windows; intrusion detection; auto lock/unlock based on location

“The first-of-its-kind Cerence Connected Vehicle Digital Twin platform unites a virtual version of vehicle, its software and sensor data, its surroundings, and key driver behavior and information in the cloud to enable new, neural deep learning- and AI-powered experiences. Cerence’s capabilities can analyze behavioral and operational data of the vehicle, overall vehicle performance, and driver-specific elements to deliver personalized service for drivers. In the future, we will be enabling simulation and validation of vehicles on the digital twin platform and testing use cases and vehicle performance using AI,” said Prateek Kathpal, CTO, Cerence. “By leveraging Cerence Connected Vehicle Digital Twin, VinFast delivers on key needs for drivers while also differentiating itself from its competitors through innovative new technology.”

For more information about VinFast, visit vinfastauto.us. To learn more about Cerence, visit www.cerence.com, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About VinFast and Vingroup

VinFast - a member of Vingroup – envisioned to drive the movement of global smart electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with globally leading scalability that boasts up to 90% automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

VinFast has announced three electric car models, exceptional battery leasing policies, and industry-leading 10-year warranties. In July 2021, VinFast started expanding to the North American and European markets. Two of its smart electric SUV models – VF e35 and VF e36, are expected to be available for pre-orders globally in the first half of 2022. Find out more at: https://VinFastauto.com.

Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading private conglomerates in the region, with a total capitalization of 35 billion USD from three publicly traded companies (as of November 4, 2021). Vingroup currently focuses on three main areas: Technology, Industry, and Services. Find out more at: https://www.vingroup.net/en.

About Cerence Inc.

Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the mobility world. As an innovation partner to the world’s leading automakers and mobility OEMs, it is helping advance the future of connected mobility through intuitive, powerful interaction between humans and their cars, two-wheelers, and even elevators, connecting consumers’ digital lives to their daily journeys no matter where they are. Cerence’s track record is built on more than 20 years of knowledge and more than 400 million cars shipped with Cerence technology. Whether it’s connected cars, autonomous driving, e-vehicles, or buildings, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. For more information, visit www.cerence.com.

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