January 04, 2023

By Michael Platco, Internal Communications & Employer Brand 

At Cerence, we are always looking for opportunities to shine a spotlight on the countless stories from across our global teams. Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Brandon Saunders, our Treasury Manager. As part of the Treasury Team, Brandon works on making sure the company has enough liquidity for short-term and long-term goals. He works on debt, bank account management, cash flow, insurance, hedging, FX, and interest rate hedging - basically anything that affects our cash and cash positions worldwide.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Cerence?
I've been here nine years, and there's people here that were here when I started. The support among the different business functions is fantastic. I can go to any group I know, every resource that I need to answer any questions. It's a very welcoming, very down to earth group.

What’s kept you at Cerence?
Relationships have kept me here for the last nine years, having a good mentor as a boss, being exposed to all areas of the business and again back to team collaboration. Everyone is involved in what everyone else is doing, and it's a very fun place to work when you know you're learning each day and you're not doing the same thing over and over.

Do you have a favorite moment from your time at Cerence?
When Cerence spun off from Nuance, coming in on the first day, getting our new Cerence vests, just seeing how happy everyone was and seeing all the work from the past six or seven months before, how hectic it was, seeing the final and finished product was amazing. Just being part of a little bit of that in terms of just on the finance side, it was a very rewarding day for everybody.

In what ways do you feel encouraged to grow in your career at Cerence?
Being part of such a lean team enables me to look at a broad set of topics instead of just being siloed into one individual area. Everybody here needs to know how to do the whole team's job, which is just fantastic because you learn every piece of business.

What are you most looking forward to in the future at Cerence?
I'm very excited about the new management and I'm very excited to see what their short term and long term goals are for the company because I think we're in a unique position where we have a tremendous share of the market share and just very excited to see where they expand.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
We have an eleven month old at home and so my life is surrounded by Micky Mouse Club House and noisy toys. I love playing with the little guy. My life has been a little upside down since then, but we really enjoy mountain biking, rugby, anything really outside, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and traveling.


Check out this video to hear more from Brandon!

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