August 25, 2021

By Richard Mack, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

In partnership with our automaker customers, we are redefining the driving experience, bringing to life AI-powered copilots that make getting in the car more exciting, safe, and enjoyable for all. Cerence partners with OEMs to build and deploy the most advanced in-car voice assistants to ever hit the roads. These systems have the potential to define a brand, separate it from competitors, and hugely enhance the driving experience. Key to achieving that, however, is drivers knowing how to use those systems and benefit from their full capabilities. That’s why we’re taking our partnership with our customers to the next level, investing in new programs to help our automakers increase adoption of their AI-powered voice assistants to together ensure drivers have the best possible experience. 

Adoption Matters

Recent research from Voicebot suggests nearly 60% of drivers consider voice assistants in their car-buying decisions, and 40% expect to use in-car voice assistants more in the future. Yet, 40% of drivers do not understand or appreciate the full capabilities of the technology in their cars. OEMs have a huge opportunity to educate drivers on what exactly their in-car voice assistants are capable of. We have seen first-hand that OEMs who prioritize educating drivers on what their voice assistants offer and how they work see increase adoption and usage of these technologies. 

Why is this important? Voice assistants, when used to their full capabilities, are sticky applications that can deepen the driver-OEM relationship. Plus, increased adoption means more data is generated for OEMs to better understand driver behavior and uncover opportunities for new revenue streams and enhancements to their drivers’ experiences. More use of the system also can improve the assistant itself, with the AI continuously learning from every interaction with a driver. And, perhaps most importantly, when adoption grows, it means more drivers are getting the full benefit of the assistant, making them happier, safer, and more engaged – increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

We’re Here to Help

At Cerence, our life’s work is bringing trusted AI-powered copilots to the world to make lives better. We are focused on helping our OEM customers build and deploy the most advanced voice-powered assistants and educate their stakeholders on how to benefit from those systems – from those selling their vehicles to those driving them. Through initiatives including creation of how-to assets, dealer trainings, and driver education campaigns, we are assisting OEMs in ensuring the power of our systems isn’t a secret. Check out a recent example of these programs in action in this promotional video we did with Ford:


Ford and Cerence: Partnering to Grow Adoption with Promotional Video

We know from experience that drivers will use their voice assistants more when they understand their full capabilities and trust they will work as they should. Building powerful experiences and ensuring those experiences are understood and accessible to drivers is a must for OEMs today. Adoption is a critical piece of rolling out an AI-powered co-pilot that will define a brand experience, and we want to help. 

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