August 30, 2022

As the work-from-anywhere movement continues, Cerence harnesses and integrates the power of Microsoft’s communication and productivity tools with Cerence’s AI-powered, voice-first, in-vehicle experiences

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today announced it is collaborating with Microsoft to bring Microsoft’s communication and productivity tools, including key Microsoft Teams features, into the car to support an AI-powered, voice-first experience. This new collaboration brings the power of Microsoft Azure Communication Services to Cerence-powered automotive assistants, empowering professionals with conversational AI-enabled, hands-free access to key Microsoft productivity capabilities, including Teams, while on-the-go.

As a growing number of companies shift to the work-from-anywhere model, the need for effective, flexible productivity tools is growing. By bringing relevant Azure Communication Services components into the car via a voice-first user experience, Cerence enables drivers to supercharge their in-car travel time, transforming the car into a workstation on wheels where meetings and communications are intertwined with a safe, hands-free experience – all without drivers needing to pull out their smartphones, helping them keep their eyes on the road. This integrated voice-powered experience enables drivers to use voice commands to complete key actions in Microsoft Teams, including:

  • Join and leave meetings
  • Schedule meetings and inquire about the time of their next meeting
  • Receive notifications so they do not miss a meeting
  • Chat with meeting participants
  • Take notes during a meeting
  • Transfer meetings from their phones to the car and vice versa instantaneously, so they never miss a moment of critical conversation

"Microsoft communication and productivity tools have become a critical piece of the hybrid workplace as companies and their employees continue to adapt to our new normal,” said Sanjay Ravi, General Manager, Automotive, Mobility & Transportation, Microsoft. “Cerence is bringing these tools into the car to enable safer, voice-first engagement and is an integral piece of how our model for work will continue to evolve and shift to a work-from-anywhere experience."

For automakers, Cerence and Microsoft’s integrated solution enables a simple, streamlined implementation. OEMs can easily integrate the solution into their in-car assistant experience and customize the offering, empowering them to delight their drivers with industry-leading communication and productivity tools from Microsoft.

“Consumers have expansive digital lives that touch a variety of services and platforms daily, and when it comes to work and productivity, Microsoft is one of the clear market leaders,” said Stefan Ortmanns, CEO, Cerence. “With Microsoft tools and capabilities in Cerence-powered automotive assistants, we’re uniquely extending the work sector of drivers’ digital lives into the car, enhancing their safety and productivity on the road and maximizing their efficiency no matter where they are – all through the power of voice interaction.”

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Cerence (NASDAQ: CRNC) is the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the mobility world. As an innovation partner to the world’s leading automakers and mobility OEMs, it is helping advance the future of connected mobility through intuitive, powerful interaction between humans and their vehicles, connecting consumers’ digital lives to their daily journeys no matter where they are. Cerence’s track record is built on more than 20 years of knowledge and more than 450 million cars shipped with Cerence technology. Whether it’s connected cars, autonomous driving, e-vehicles, or two-wheelers, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. For more information, visit

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