March 15, 2023

By Michael Platco, Internal Communications & Employer Brand 

At Cerence, we are always looking for opportunities to shine a spotlight on countless stories from across our global teams. Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Joe Pranevich, our Director, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Cerence?
We're a great team responsible for keeping all the trains running on time. We’re distributing thousands of updates around the world every day. We're keeping Cerence's products and customers happy and our software running.

What’s kept you at Cerence?
My favorite thing about Cerence? It has to be the people you know from top to bottom. From the executives to the management to every contributor everywhere. I've been really thrilled with everyone that I've had the opportunity to work with at Cerence. We have a uniquely talented group of people that are excited and passionate about working together to solve hard problems and I can't imagine having a better team.

What’s your favorite moment from working at Cerence?
My favorite moment, it's going to be very recent - we just launched the current technology conference here and for the first time, especially in a in a post COVID world, we brought together technologists, innovators, product people, executives from all over the world to share ideas. Just looking at these rooms full of tremendously bright people collaborating, communicating, innovating together. What we've built in that platform that we have given them to succeed. It just warms my heart. I am just so happy that Cerence is a company that truly brings smart people together.

In what ways do you feel encouraged to grow in your career at Cerence?
Cerence is a company that truly challenges you, right? It's it's not content to sort of stand in one place, right. It's always about winning the next customer. It's always about deploying the next release. It's always about adding the next feature and at Cerence we're really looking for people that aren't just willing to sit but are willing to go and run to make our products better, to build more success for our customers and I just find that so tremendously exciting.

What are you most looking forward to in the future at Cerence?
Cerence is a great time, right? We are seeing the fruits of our labors. New cars going on the road with Cerence software, more and more big features, small features. Just watching – and actually, in my case, having a car that has some Cerence software in it - is just a phenomenal experience to know that the work that we are doing is going out there and being used by real people. I can't be any happier than knowing that what I am doing is making other people happy all around the world.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
At the end of the day, I think of myself as an educator and as somebody who loves history and loves computing - so my hobbies include researching and writing about old, old computer systems and software and games, as well as teaching some computer science courses.


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