New innovations to squeeze more value from your voice assistants


Cerence Applications

New Innovations to Reap Greater Reward and Revenue from Investments in Voice and AI

Our cars have a special place in our lives. They get us from point A to point B. They’re home to memories and milestones from childhood onward. They represent some of the bigger purchases we’ll ever make. And studies show that people on average spend more than eight hours a week behind the wheel.

It’s no wonder that we spend a lot of money in our use of vehicles. From gas and parking to travel and leisure, we invest a lot over the life of the car. The Cerence Applications business is dedicated to helping carmakers tap into this consumer spending by offering a range of innovation services and applications that are fun to use and address real needs of drivers today.

These services can be developed and built on top the Cerence Drive portfolio as well as othervoice assistant systems. From payment ecosystems to a companion for the total car ownership life cycle, Cerence Applications create exciting, SAAS-based revenue opportunities for OEMs worldwide.

Features and Benefits

Services Drivers Need 

As the car becomes an extension to the driver’s digital lifestyle, deliver compelling, value-add services that drivers want and need 

Extend Voice Assistant Investments 

Take advantage of investments you’ve already made in voice assistants by adding new services and capabilities 

New Revenue Opportunities 

Create whole new streams of SaaS and transaction-based revenue from vehicles sold and in production 

Best in Class AI and Voice Innovations 

Decades of experience, state-of-the-art innovations sit at the core of Cerence Applications to create a terrific in-car experience 

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