Smart cars require a smarter approach

Car Life

Car Life

AI-enabled interaction and management:
informed drivers are the best drivers

At Cerence, just like our customers, we want people to fall in love with their cars. As with any long-term relationship, this begins with a deep understanding and appreciation for what’s possible in a car—from the first time a driver gets behind the wheel throughout the life of the vehicle.

Our new Car Life product suite can help create a tighter bond between people and their cars just like they become attached to other hard-to-live-without electronics, such as their smartphones. This will ultimately help car-makers and partners grow their customers into clients by delivering knowledge and insight that both to better support their users and drive brand loyalty.

As cars have become more complex, navigating the many features, notifications, and warning lights in their vehicles has become increasingly difficult for drivers. Cerence Car Life provides drivers with the best answers and information—all tailored to each individual car, its configuration, and the continuously learned preferences of the driver—via a companion application, voice output from the automotive assistant, and imagery displayed on the car’s infotainment system.

Part of the Cerence Drive portfolio, Car Life is a suite of AI-powered products that allows drivers to better communicate with and manage their cars throughout their lifetime with the vehicle. These new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings enrich the car ownership experience, from learning about the car to using a smart, AI-powered car manual, to scheduling service appointments through integration with Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

It does all this by using a combination of voice and the car’s touchscreen. It can also integrate and operate with other global voice assistants including Google, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba, and Yandex, to name just a few.

Features and Benefits

Rapid Onboarding

We can help give new drivers a fresh perspective and quickly introduce a new car to them getting in it for the first time (or even before even then). This includes a primer on its intelligent assistant and the key features that are available using a companion smartphone or tablet application.

Smart approach to car health

Contextual, smart car knowledge helps drivers understand their car’s status and overall health. This includes information about warning lights or error messages and how to deal with them based on real-time information from the car’s sensors. It can also schedule dealer appointments for service and updates based on the alerts and diagnostics generated by the car itself.

Easily available digital manuals

With industry-first voice-powered smart car manuals, Cerence eliminates the need for bulky, printed manuals and lets people simply directly ask their car about its features, potential issues, warnings lights, and more—all using their voice. This also includes learning modules about the vehicle (think podcasts) that a driver can listen to while driving to learn about the car.

Always current and connected

Cerence Car Life also proactively shares information to ensure that drivers know about the features deeply hidden within the car’s complex menus, including those that appear through over-the-air updates to the system.