Contactless, in-car payment experience through voice-powered AI

Cerence Pay

Cerence Pay

Contactless, in-car payment experience through voice-powered AI

Designed to meet the increasing demand for faster, safer and more convenient payment options, Cerence Pay is a new product that delivers a secure, contactless payment experience for drivers. This new solution helps OEMs offer a superior, intuitive experience with safe and secure transactions via voice and facial biometrics. Cerence Pay also offers automakers and content providers new, transaction-based revenue streams and a flexible ecosystem to stay competitive in today’s digital economy.

Just as the demand for voice assistants is soaring, so does the desire for contactless payments for common needs on the road, such as parking, fuel, charging, and food. Contactless payment was already on the rise in the U.S., but recent events have increased the need for touch-free payment options. In fact, according to a recent announcement by Visa, more than 70% of all Visa transactions in Europe are now made by contactless card or mobile devices.

At the core of this innovative product, Cerence has built an ever-expanding ecosystem of content and commerce partners. In addition, Cerence Pay is easily integrated with an automaker’s preferred payment partners and companion apps, offering a flexible platform that enables OEMs to create their own unique experience and meet the specific needs of their drivers.

Delivers a Great Experience for Drivers

Gassing up

This module parses owner’s manuals and identifies text passages that will answer user questions. It supports concise, grammatically correct questions—those that typically beginning with “Wh” (What, Where, Why, etc.), with the full flexibility to ask questions freely (i.e., a paraphrased question).

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

After dinner, the driver asks the system for the nearest gas station. Upon arrival, the driver is presented with the ability to choose a pump and pay for fuel directly from the car.

Restaurant pick up or reservations

Developers gain access to the same foundational technology that powers voice capabilities in more than 325 million cars on the road today through an easy-to-use user interface.

Convenient parking

When navigating to a busy destination downtown for dinner, the voice assistant proactively tells the driver that there is no street parking available, then locates a garage with available space in walking distance from their destination. Once confirmed, the system provides a stall number and starts the payment process.

Creates New Services and Revenue Streams for OEMs

A superior, human-like experience

Cerence’s UX expertise and insights, along with speech, natural language understanding (NLU), and dialog domains, are applied for select use cases. Innovative technology also proactively prompts drivers for payments in existing domains.

Safe and secure transactions

Security is the top priority, powered by authentication via voice and facial biometry, as well as embedded and cloud architecture for safe credential storage and linking.

Integrated seamlessly with car technology

The product incorporates with the head-unit and automaker’s companion app for push messages.

Leverage extensive relationships

Automakers can use Cerence’s service provider agreements with stakeholders or incorporate their own.

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