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Beyond Voice

Beyond Voice

The most natural, human-like in-car experience available today

The best in-car experience is one that makes interacting with your car as close to interacting with another human as possible: a multi-sensory experience in which voice, eye movements, and gestures are all part of the conversation. And in the car of the future, where buttons are at a minimum and technology takes center stage, this simple, seamless interaction will be more important than ever.

With our decades of voice recognition expertise as the foundation, we’re entering a new era of understanding. In addition to voice, gaze, gesture and even handwriting take interacting with the automotive assistant to the next level and bring the outside world into the car. Look at a coffee shop and ask, “does that shop have WiFi?” Use gestures to bring turn-by-turn navigation to eye level on the windshield. Scribble a text message with the tip of your finger. It’s all part of a multi-modal experience that enables drivers to communicate with their cars just like they would with their friends.

Looking to the future, going far beyond voice to deliver a safe, productive, entertaining environment will be paramount. But don’t just take our word for it... hop in, we’ll take you there.

Features and Benefits

Future proof 

Voice, gesture, gaze, handwriting – they're all part of a multi-faceted, multi-sensory user experience designed to meet the needs of drivers well into the next phase of our mobility revolution. In a world of increasingly autonomous vehicles where drivers become passengers, the expectation for this type of experience only grows. No matter how they choose to communicate, Cerence Drive can understand. 

Flexible and versatile 

A conversation between two humans can take many twists in turns, with changing topics, hand gestures, and glances being part of the experience. Our multi-modal solution brings that into the car. Ask about the weather; look at a restaurant and ask for its rating; point to the window and tell it to lower. Don’t worry - we can keep up. 

Safer and more focused on the road ahead 

Providing a safer, more enjoyable journey for everyone is inherent to our vision as a company. Our solution adapts seamlessly to every situation and interaction, which allows our multimodal assistant to minimize distractions and frees the driver to focus on the road. 


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