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Cerence Look

Cerence Look

A new standard for natural human interaction through AI

Cerence Look is designed to give your assistant the intuition of a human copilot. With gaze detection, the interaction between the driver and the assistant is easier and more natural than ever before.

Think of it like talking with a friend about the passing sights—a friend who happens to have advanced GPS, encyclopedic knowledge, and an inexhaustible memory for individual habits and preferences.

Features and Benefits

Ready for Autonomous Vehicles

Multiple avenues for interaction will be especially vital in cars of the future, when autonomous driving will allow users to transition to more of a passenger role, while staying prepared to take the wheel.

Gaze detection will not only allow effortless engagement with the landscape (enhancing the sightseeing that users expect from future mobility, studies show), but also provide various types of alerts to improve safety by combining vibration, visual cues, and auditory prompts to tell drivers it’s time to take the wheel.

It isn’t always about work either. If users are curious about an attraction, shop, or restaurant on the roadside, they can just look at it to launch a targeted dialogue with the assistant to learn more details.

More focused

Finally, our solution’s literacy allows drivers to write when it comes naturally to them—or when speaking and gaze are not possible. To keep drivers’ eyes on the road and to minimize distractions, feedback and suggestions are provided in direct sight or in audio.

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