Co-existence between virtual assistants, third-party services, and content in a global digital ecosystem

Cognitive Arbitrator

Cognitive Arbitrator

Deliver connected driving while enhancing customers’ connection to you and your brand

The Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator enables your automotive assistant to seamlessly fold users’ preferred third-party AI into each car’s capabilities—all without compromising the privacy, security, or the integrity of your branded user experience. And it’s all connected to a variety of different devices and assistants. 

Cerence developed our breakthrough AI-based technology to elevate Cerence Drive and solve one of the biggest challenges of connected living: the hassle of not only choosing which device to use and when to use it, but also remembering its specific capabilities and vocabularies.  

Our Cognitive Arbitrator makes this easy by integrating third-party intelligence with your own in-vehicle systems to create a connected ecosystem controlled by you. 

An omniscient assistant that plays well with others  

Each car is an now intelligent hub. The Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator puts your assistant in charge, processing each request through the appropriate exterior service or device without deviating from your brand-specific user experience.  

It integrates intelligence from many diverse sources: consumer-oriented voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, in-home entertainment devices, banking assistants, and meal delivery apps, just to name a few. It uses them to deliver deeply personalized and contextual responses—all in your voice. 

Cerence has cracked the interoperability problem by allowing your users to access all their smart technologies one universal interface. Our Cognitive Arbitrator uses conversational speech and AI to understand the user and the different protocols, platforms, and APIs of these diverse services. And the experience is beautifully consistent—whether users are using it with their cars, mobile devices, home systems, or work platforms. 

Fully integrated into Cerence’s centralized AI within Cerence Drive, the Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator brings an expanded level of intelligence to the connected car Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and comes fully scaled and customized to your needs. 



Features and Benefits

“We are not going to have a single voice assistant for all things. As a result, voice assistant arbitration is a necessary development that can offer a better user experience by hiding the technology’s back-end complexity. This will be particularly helpful in the car where it can reduce the cognitive load on the driver while providing a more personalized experience.”

Explicit and implicit understanding 

Whether the request is specific (“Ask Spotify to play some jazz.”) or just implied (“Play my favorite song.”), cognitive arbitration allows your assistant to connect the dots and provide the notes. 

Preference learning and contextual reasoning 

Cognitive arbitration enables your automotive assistant to remember a user’s history, habits, and preferences—across all services. It can then adapt accordingly using on contextual commands, like “Play my new audiobook.” or “Cancel my last order.” 

Omni-service execution 

Multiple services? Complex, nuanced requests? No problem. Our Cognitive Arbitrator allows your assistant to integrate with many agents together to complete complex tasks, such as, “Cancel my grocery delivery if the weather is going to be nice next week.” 

Undiluted user experience 

With Cerence, you can give your customers access to their favorite third-party services without interrupting their connection to you—or by complicating the in-car experience. 

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