Bringing a Human-Like Virtual Newscaster into the Car

Cerence Reader

Cerence Reader

Cerence Reader leverages advances in AI and processing hardware to bring unprecedented levels of human-like speech to the car

As the use of in-car voice assistants explodes, they have become an innovative point of differentiation for OEMs. Carmakers are looking for solutions that can bring the most natural and human-like voice output quality, unlocking new use cases for their drivers.

Cerence Reader brings a human-like virtual newscaster into the car, delivering the voice output quality that drivers always wanted.

Cerence Reader leverages advances in AI and processing hardware to bring unprecedented levels of natural speech to the car. Nearly indistinguishable from a human voice, Cerence Reader features long-form reading capabilities, including natural pausing and breathing, and automatic prediction of the appropriate reading style and emotional tone based on content, context, and category of news, including current events, sports, or documentary-style pieces.

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Features and Benefits

“Cerence Reader is quite breathtaking and will empower the next generation of our cars to interact with our customers on a whole new level,” said Jan Dusik, Head of Development Speech Output, Audi.

Don’t. Talk. Like. A. Robot. The most natural voice output on the market

Cerence Reader leverages Neural TTS technology and AI advances in text processing to deliver an unprecedented level of human-like speech in the car. Tailored for long-form reading, Cerence Reader understands the content of text and reads it out just like a real newscaster would – pauses for breath included. Cerence Reader also delivers advanced naturalness for computer generated voices in terms of prosody. TTS output is nearly indistinguishable from real voice talent recordings.

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Initially available for US English and German, Cerence Reader will be further extended to support languages that are relevant for OEMs and their drivers.
Cerence can build a branded virtual newscaster too, delivering the voice output experience that best represents the OEM brand and a consistent UX for drivers, with the Cerence Reader voice persona matching the in-car infotainment branded voice.

Content provider integration

With Cerence Reader, Cerence takes a flexible approach, offering standard integrations with news content providers while remaining open to integrate with additional content partners that may better suit the OEM-branded user experience.
Initially, Cerence Reader will source news content from Reuters, with additional content partners to come.

Integrated into Cerence ecosystem

Cerence Reader is available as a cloud-only solution. Customers who are building their in-car voice assistant experience with Cerence Drive can include Cerence Reader to bring unprecedented voice output quality to their drivers. Cerence Reader can also be combined with Cerence advanced NLU capabilities to deliver end-to-end voice experiences.

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