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Take a moment and consider your daily life. It’s likely that your digital ecosystem is multi-faceted, multi-platform, and multi-device – and increasingly intertwined. Our digital lives are anchored in our smartphone, smart homes, and offices. But we firmly believe that we should have the same level of content, convenience, and productivity, no matter where we are.

Enter Cerence Cloud Services, a suite of connected products and apps that integrate the smartphone, smart home, commerce, and everything in between directly into the car. These products harness the power of the cloud to turn the car into an extension of drivers’ digital lives, with safe, intuitive access to everything they need and want while on the go. From integrated smartphone connectivity to built-in smart home controls, Cerence Cloud Services bring enhanced capabilities to the mobility assistant so that users can access their digital ecosystem directly from the assistant, enhancing safety and productivity while on the go.

Smartphone Integration

We manage our daily digital life primarily on a smartphone. We want to do that while driving, but safety is a concern, and most of our favorite apps are not available through the in-vehicle infotainment system.

Cerence Extend solves for this, giving drivers safe, voice-enabled access to popular smartphone apps, content, and services directly from a car’s infotainment system, creating a natural and convenient experience.

Cerence Extend helps bridge the gap between drivers’ lives on their phones and in their cars to allow easy access to native apps like calendars, alarms, reminders, and phone calls—all the things you expect from a mobility voice assistant.

Smartphone Integration
Smart Home & IoT Connectivity

Smart Home & IoT Connectivity

Today’s driver has an expansive digital ecosystem that encompasses the smartphone, smart home, and everything in between. Cerence Connect delivers unmatched integration between the car and the smart home, giving drivers seamless, conversational, AI-powered access to their Internet of Things (IoT) smart home directly from their car’s voice assistant, making it easy for drivers to do everything from opening the garage or setting the security system to initiating a more complex evening routine inclusive of lighting, temperature, and music — all by using their voice, and without needing to pull out their phones.

For automakers, Cerence Connect simplifies the smart home integration process, eliminating the complexities associated with developing, operating, and maintaining multiple IoT connection points by providing them with a single, unified solution for integration and interoperability with the most popular smart home services.

Search Engine Intelligence

Consumers have become accustomed to asking their devices questions to get answers to a variety of topics – from weather, stocks and news to sports, entertainment and facts on just about any subject – whether at home or on-the-go. Cerence Browse is an extension for Cerence-powered voice assistants that provides voice-enabled access to general knowledge directly from a car’s infotainment system, creating a natural and convenient experience.

The solution offers a general knowledge domain which allows users to ask general information questions. These are answered by built-in knowledge modules or by looking up information on various knowledge sources on the Internet. Users can ask questions to an automotive assistant and receive a spoken, natural answer that does not require them to take their eyes off the road or switch to another device. The best part: it offers one point of interaction for all uses cases, no matter where the information comes from.

Search Engine Intelligence
On-Street Parking Guidance and Payment
Parking Guidance and Reservation
Collaborative Dining Reservations
Dining Recommendations and Reservations
Voice Pay at the Gas Pump
Gas and Coffee On the Go

In-Car Commerce

Designed to meet the increasing demand for faster, safer and more convenient payment options, Cerence Pay delivers a secure, contactless payment experience for drivers. This solution helps OEMs offer a superior, intuitive experience with safe and secure transactions via voice and facial biometrics. With Cerence Pay, drivers gain access to contactless payments for common needs on the road, such as parking, fuel, charging, and food. Cerence Pay also offers automakers and content providers new, transaction-based revenue streams and a flexible ecosystem to stay competitive in today’s digital economy.

At the core of this innovative product, Cerence has built an ever-expanding ecosystem of content and commerce partners like Arrive, Parkopedia, and Visa. In addition, Cerence Pay is easily integrated with an automaker’s preferred payment partners and companion apps, offering a flexible platform that enables OEMs to create their own unique experience and meet the specific needs of their drivers.

Car Ownership Management

As cars have become more complex, navigating the many features, notifications, and warning lights has become increasingly difficult for drivers. Cerence Car Life is a suite of AI-powered, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings that provides drivers with the best and most up-to-date information about their cars—all tailored to each individual car, its configuration, and the continuously learned preferences of the driver—via a companion application, voice output from the automotive assistant, and imagery displayed on the car’s infotainment system.

Cerence Car Life enriches the car ownership experience by allowing drivers to better communicate with and manage their cars throughout their lifetime with the vehicle, from learning about the car during a test drive or in the first few days of ownership and using a smart, AI-powered car manual to scheduling service appointments through integration with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and getting proactive information about new features and OTA updates. It does all this by using a combination of sensor data, voice and the car’s headunit.

Car Ownership Management
Tour Guide Services

Tour Guide Services

Cerence Tour Guide is an application that brings the deep knowledge of a high-quality, professional tour guide directly into the mobility assistant, enriching the driving experience and making travel more interesting and fun.

With a curated ecosystem of travel and tour content, users can plan trips beforehand or explore points of interest (POIs) on the go. Cerence Tour Guide can proactively alert drivers with POIs they may encounter along the route, selecting notable places based on context and learned preferences. Information is delivered via Cerence’s latest text-to-speech technology, bringing the personality and know-how of a human tour guide directly into the in-car experience.

Beyond audio, Cerence Tour Guide integrates directly with the car’s headunit to display relevant information on the screen when safe for drivers. They can even book experiences like restaurants, museums and other attractions directly from the car’s headunit, creating new business opportunities for OEMs.

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