Building the Digital Heart and Soul of the In-Car Experience


With a global team dedicated to defining the future of mobility, we’re mapping the road ahead. From stunningly accurate voice recognition and comprehension to incredibly human-like speech output, we’re setting a new standard for how drivers connect with their cars and extend their digital lives for the road ahead.


Cerence Drive

Powering the smartest assistants on the road today – period

Cerence Drive delivers the industry’s most intuitive automotive voice assistants. Our robust, automotive-grade solutions define in-car experiences for leading automakers around the world, enabling safe, intuitive and effective interaction with their cars and their drivers’ broader digital worlds.

Cerence Drive

Conversational AI

Deliver a personalized experience that adapts to every context

Cognitive Arbitrator

Co-existence between virtual assistants, services, and content for today’s digital ecosystem.

Cerence ASR

The fastest, most accurate voice recognition on the planet

Cerence TTS

The world’s most natural, human-sounding voice synthesis on the market

Cerence Drive Domains

Powering rich capabilities as the content engine for voice assistants

In-Car Communications

An intercom system that improves speech quality and intelligibility of in-vehicle conversations

Speech Signal Enhancement

A comprehensive solution to improve hands-free speech communication and speech recognition results in noisy environments

Cerence Reader

A natural, expressive voice in the car to read the news to drivers on the go.

My Car My Voice

Voice clone solution that lets people create a custom voice – their own, a loved one or a friend – for their mobility assistant.

UX Services

A suite of evaluation and validation services that provide deep analysis and understanding of the in-car user experience (UX) and driver satisfaction.

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Cerence ARK

Accelerated deployment of a world-class voice assistant.

Cerence ARK gives automakers the ability to quickly deploy a turnkey voice assistant with minimal customization. It provides the most desired voice capabilities without losing any of the performance or flexibility you expect from Cerence.

Get more from value and revenue from your voice assistant. These can be developed and built on top of the Cerence Drive portfolio as well as other voice assistant systems.

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Beyond Voice

Beyond Voice

Go beyond voice with the most intuitive interaction available.

Speak, gesture, write or look—your automotive assistant will understand. Voice isn’t always the most convenient way to communicate, so we’ve evolved our voice assistant to shift seamlessly from one mode of human interaction to the next.

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Get more from value and revenue from your voice assistant

A range of innovation services and applications that are fun to use and address real needs of drivers today. These can be developed and built on top the Cerence Drive portfolio as well as other voice assistant systems. From payment ecosystems to a companion for the total car ownership life cycle, Cerence Applications create exciting, SaaS-based revenue opportunities for OEMs worldwide.


Cerence Pay

Contactless, in-car payment experience through voice-powered AI

Car Life

Smart cars require a smarter approach

Cerence Studio

Cerence Studio

Putting custom, voice-driven AI innovations into developers’ hands—worldwide

As the use of in-car voice assistants explodes, they have become an innovative point of differentiation for OEMs. Cerence Studio gives developers access to our intuitive natural language understanding technology and advanced conversational dialog system to take automotive voice assistants to the next level.

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