Building the digital heart and soul of the modern mobility experience.


Cerence Products

With a global team dedicated to defining the future of connected mobility, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. From stunningly accurate voice recognition and comprehension to incredibly human-like speech output, we’re setting a new standard for how users connect with the mobility ecosystem and extend their digital lives for the road ahead.

We got our start in the automotive cockpit, honing our skills over more than two decades to develop smart, humanized voice assistants for global automakers. Today, demand for advanced voice-first technologies has accelerated and broadened, as they deliver convenience, safety, productivity and comfort. That’s why we’ve developed a deep portfolio of high-tech solutions that drive exceptional experiences across the mobility ecosystem, broadening our scope to include additional markets like two-wheelers and buildings to improve the mobility experience for more users around the globe.

At the heart of it all is a focus on conversational AI, enabling a touchless, humanized user experience on the go, no matter where users are in their daily journeys.

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