Cerence ARK

Bring voice assistants to market
at Formula One speed

“To support this mission, a localized in-car experience is critical. Cerence’s unparalleled languages and deep understanding of voice in the car makes them a key long-term partner as we continue to innovate.”

—Shen Zi Yu, Vice President of Geely Research Institute, CEO of ECARX


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At a time where innovation is moving at faster and faster speeds, drivers desire—and OEMs demand—fresh, cutting-edge capabilities at every turn. To satisfy this global hunger for better and faster, Cerence introduced Cerence ARK to dramatically improve the time to bring voice and AI assistants to market. Cerence ARK—which stands for AI Reference Kit—is a new, turnkey automotive product that enables automakers to quickly develop, deploy, and manage a fully localized automotive voice assistant without losing any of the performance, flexibility, and breadth that Cerence is known for.

Leveraging Cerence’s deep expertise in speech recognition and automotive AI, Cerence ARK delivers a human-machine interface (HMI) with comprehensive voice-based AI capabilities for all major automotive platforms and operating systems. It requires limited customization, which can significantly reduce time to market and deliver fast value.

Automakers can create a customized experience for their drivers and passengers with personalized access to everything from music and navigation to points of interest, news feeds, and more, leveraging the system’s ability to learn user preferences over time. This is critical for automakers and suppliers who are forced to innovate at unprecedented speeds to meet consumer demand for voice assistants and to stay ahead of their competition.

With Cerence ARK, the company has bundled its industry-leading core voice assistant features, including wake-up word, voice biometrics, automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, and text to speech, and delivered them in an open, flexible, and fast architecture for minimal development and deployment time. Together, these technologies provide fast and accurate voice-powered access to a range of in-car systems and functions, including phone, radio and media, vehicle controls, navigation and point-of-interest search, and more—all through the use of a simple command.

Cerence ARK is immediately available to automakers in China—with a version available worldwide later this year. The solution is offered in three service levels and comes with three key components: ARK Edge, ARK Client, and ARK Cloud. The packaging and deployment options give OEMs and suppliers choice and flexibility with as much or as little support as needed.