Car Life

Smarter Cars Require a Smart Approach

At Cerence, we want people to fall in love with their cars. As with any long-term relationship, this begins with a deep understanding and appreciation for what’s possible in a carfrom the first time behind the wheel and throughout the life of the vehicle. The Car Life product suite can help create a tighter bond between people and their cars, the same way they become attached to other hard-to-live-without electronics, like smartphones. This will ultimately help car makers and partners by transforming their customers into clients and delivering knowledge and insight that enable them to better support their drivers and establish brand loyalty.


Informed drivers are the best drivers

As cars have become more complex, it has become increasingly difficult for drivers to navigate the many features, notifications, warning lights, and buttons within the vehicle. Cerence Car Life provides drivers with the best answers and informationall of which is tailored to each individual car, its configuration, and the continuously learned preferences of the drivervia a companion application, voice output from the automotive assistant, and imagery displayed on the car’s infotainment system.


Cerence Car Life: An innovative and intelligent SaaS product suite

Cerence Car Life is a suite of AI-powered products that enables drivers to better interact with and manage their cars through the entire ownership life cycle. These new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings enhance the car ownership experience, from purchasing and learning about the car to using an AI-powered smart car manual and setting service appointments via Dealer Management System (DMS) integrationall by using voice and leveraging a car’s infotainment touchscreen. The Cerence Car Life product suite is available within the Cerence Drive portfolio and can integrate and operate with other global voice assistants, including Google, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba, Yandex, and others.

Rapid onboarding

Cerence can help give new drivers a fresh perspective and rapid introduction to a new car, its intelligent assistant, and its key features when entering it for the first time (or before even entering it) via a companion smartphone and/or tablet application.

Smart approach to car health

Contextual, smart car knowledge helps drivers understand their car’s status and overall health, including warning lights and error messages and how to deal with them, based on up-to-date information from the car’s sensors. In addition, the offering provides the ability to schedule dealer appointments for service and updates based on alerts and diagnostics generated by the car.

Smart and digital manuals

With industry-first voice-powered smart car manuals, Cerence can alleviate the need for bulky printed manuals and let people simply ask the car directly about its features, potential issues, warnings lights, and more, all using their voice. This also includes car learning modulesthink podcaststhat a driver can listen to while driving and leverage to learn about the car.

Stay current and connected.

Cerence Car Life adds proactive information sharing to ensure that drivers are aware of the features hidden deep within the complex menus of the car, including new features provided through over-the-air updates.


Deep technology insights drive Car Life Options

Cerence uses advanced AI technologies, like neural networks, to answer arbitrary questions from text, often gleaned from an owner’s manual. We provide OEMs with a seamless way to upload their owner’s manual via a web-based UI, and our framework automatically extracts key information. Once a product is on the road, Cerence uses production data of user-asked questions to retrain our models to improve accuracy in a continuous improvement setting.

We also get credible data from the OEMs about their car, which contains information from the owner’s manuals; frequently asked questions by drivers based on OEM experience; facts about cars, such as tire pressure settings or car width; and other sources, such as training modules.

All of these combine to form a flexible set of product offerings and capabilities:

Automatic QA module

This module reads owner’s manuals and identifies text passages that answer user questions. We support concise, grammatically correct questions, typically beginning with a wh- word, with full flexibility to ask a question freely (that is, a paraphrased question).

Frequently Asked Questions Module

Cerence’s FAQ Module covers questions that are not in the owner’s manual or are, based on an OEM’s experience, ones that will be most asked by drivers. We develop this by using a question-and-answer list provided by OEMs, and we can also mine OEM-specific questions from the web.

Contextual Module

This module aims to answer contextual questions (“What is my current tire pressure?”). We use sensor data provided by OEMs for the same.

Proactive Module

The Proactive Module makes customers aware of unused features (“Do you want me to tell you how to change winter tires?”). It also proactively alerts users if there is a problem with the vehicle.