A moving experience.

Sensory experiences that entertain, connect, inform, and keep people safe. All personalized, intuitive and brand-savvy. This is four wheels, with emotion and intelligence.

AI that redefines a world in motion.

We’re redefining how a car should feel, respond, and learn on the go. Have tech, will travel.
  • Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice Recognition
  • Gaze and Touch Technologies
  • Augmented Reality

Facts, figures, iconic badges.

We have a track record that stretches back more than 20 years. These four numbers say trust, knowledge and the skill to solve even the most complex technical challenges. In short, we really like working on cars.
  • 300M Cerence Onboard
  • 70 Languages
  • 1250 Patents
  • 20+ Years of Experience

Destination: Delight.

How do you convert technology into unique brand experiences? It takes a deep understanding of human behavior, culture and language. A background in psychology, linguistics and anthropology. After 1250 patents, we know what excites people when they open the car door. Learn More >

Technology. Geared for opportunity.

Here are the technological building blocks of a moving experience. There are embedded and cloud solutions, natural language understanding, contextual reasoning, IoT integrations, personal profiles and situational awareness. Bring sensory and mobility together and you shift the way people feel.

Partnership, accelerator pedal.

We’re innovation partners — from UX and UI design through agile development cycles to testing, deployment and upgrades that keep everything rolling. Like any meaningful journey, we think you’ll find it memorable and rewarding.

Career path: industry leader.

At Cerence, you’re part of a global company that’s mapping out the future of mobility. This is where AI, sensor technology, advances in IoT, and augmented reality hit the road. Where will all these exciting innovations take us? Well, how’d you like to steer?

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Transform transport.

Autonomous driving, smart cities, shared rides and e-vehicles  the world is moving in amazing new ways. At Cerence, you’ll have a pivotal role in shaping these new ideas, experiences and solutions. The future is always more fun when you get there first.

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