Safe, stress-free communication between drivers and passengers

In-Car Communications

In-Car Communications

An intercom system that improves speech quality and intelligibility of in-vehicle conversations

The car can be a noisy place. From the sounds of the road to competing entertainment and chatty co-pilots, extra noise can interfere with not just the automotive assistant, but even conversations between the driver and passengers. Passengers shout; drivers turn around to speak to passengers in the back, all increasing distraction and compromising safety on the road.

Enter Cerence In-Car Communication (ICC). ICC improves the speech quality and intelligibility of in-car conversations between the driver and passengers through an intercom system. Perfectly suited for larger vehicles like minibuses and vans where there are more than two rows of seats, ICC picks up speech from the driver through specially placed microphones, processes and cleans it up, and plays it over the speakers in the rear of the car – all in an instant.

Features and Benefits

Improved intelligibility

ICC delivers natural-sounding speech quality through sophisticated audio processing and noise reduction technologies.

Stress-free communication

Less shouting + more eyes on the road = a safer and more comfortable in-car experience.

Low delay signal processing

No awkward pauses here. Our expertise in audio AI enables us to deliver lightning fast processing and transmission of audio signals, so in-car conversations never miss a beat.


ICC is available in a variety of configurations to support both front-to-rear and rear-to-front communications in two- and three-row vehicles.

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