Intelligence and understanding starts with a crystal-clear signal.

Speech Signal Enhancement

Speech Signal Enhancement

A comprehensive solution to improve hands-free speech communication and recognition in noisy environments

In order to be understood, we must first be heard. That’s why Cerence Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) is a critical piece of our platform. SSE is a suite of sound processing technologies that remove noise from microphone inputs, teeing up our world-class voice recognition and natural language understanding engines to work their magic with crystal-clear input from drivers and passengers.

SSE is critical to the in-car experience, enhancing speech quality for phone calls, enabling drivers to effectively use wake-up words and seamlessly interrupt and interact with the assistant, and allowing us to create speaking zones so the assistant knows exactly who is speaking – and who might need to be muted. In the future, SSE will be even more critical. Imagine a shared, autonomous vehicle with multiple passengers on board. SSE will allow individual passengers to interact with the vehicle without confusion or interruption.

Features and Benefits

Unique portfolio of features and technologies that is continuously updated and improved

Established, proven solution deployed by all major OEMs
Hardware and software agnostic solution that runs on nearly any 32- or 64-bit processor or DSPs
More than 100 SSE-specific patents

Deep Integration with Cerence Speech Recognition

Superior barge-in and wake-up word performance
Support of multi-user and multi-zone speech recognition
Support for JustTalk

Comprehensive Customer Service

Support in system and audio path design
Integration support and audio path verification/ Audio Path Quality Measurements (APQM)
Worldwide, onsite support for tuning, system qualification and system certification

Wide Range of Applications and Supported Use Cases

Highly configurable solution that supports single-microphone and multi-microphone systems with up to 30 microphones and eight acoustical zones
Enables a wide range of applications, from hands-free calling to barge-in and wake-up word to multi-zone processing

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