AI for a world in motion

We’re on the front end of the innovations and digital technologies that are reinventing transport. Virtual assistants, empathic AI, machine learning, contextual reasoning, voice biometrics — those are just the beginning of the expertise. We’re bringing cars, the cloud, personal devices, and the IoT universe together.

Cerence Drive

Powering the smartest assistants on the market – period

Cerence Drive delivers the industry’s most intuitive automotive and mobility voice assistants in the market. This is our robust, automotive-grade portfolio of products, services, toolkits, and innovations that define in-car experiences for the leading car makers around the world—understanding individual preferences, personalizing entertainment, and executing complex contextual commands. We can find preferred parking, play users’ favorite songs, direct them to the best-priced gas stations, and turn up the voices they need to hear while muting the ones they don’t. Cerence supports automakers with capabilities that maximize the safety, productivity, and enjoyment of customer journeys while elevating the identity of each unique brand.

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Bring voice assistants to market at Formula 1 speed

As demand from drivers for deeper connections with their cars continues to accelerate, automakers must quickly deploy intelligent voice- and AI-based assistants. Cerence ARK Assistant fulfills this important need in the market by combining decades of innovation, experience and service into a ready-to-go assistant for mainstream vehicles—speeding time to market by 50 percent or more. A turnkey product, it combines in-car technology and cloud services to help OEMs cut the time it takes to create a voice assistant that makes their drivers fall in love with their vehicles.

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Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator

Deliver connected driving while enhancing customers’ connection to your brand

From smartphones to smart homes to services at work and beyond, today’s drivers connect with an expanding variety of IoT devices and voice-enabled assistants. The Cerence Cognitive Arbitrator empowers your automotive assistant to seamlessly fold users’ preferred third-party AI into each car’s scope of services—without compromising privacy, security, or the integrity of your own branded user experience.

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Cerence Car Life

Smarter Cars Require a Smart Approach

Informed drivers are the best drivers

At Cerence, we want people to fall in love with their cars.  As with any long-term relationship, this begins with a deep understanding and appreciation for what’s possible in a carfrom the first time behind the wheel and throughout the life of the vehicle. The Car Life product suite can help create a tighter bond between people and their cars, the same way they become attached to other hard-to-live-without electronics, like smartphones. This will ultimately help car makers and partners by transforming their customers into clients, delivering knowledge and insight that enables them to better support their drivers and establish brand loyalty.

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Cerence UX Services

Helping Automakers Deliver a Powerful and Compelling User Experience

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”

— Steve Jobs

We know that driver adoption is driven by incredible design—even more so than technology—and that user experience (UX) is key when it comes to driving end-user affinity for and long-term usage of in-car technologies. Cerence UX Services will provide valuable insight to automakers as they look to differentiate from competitors and build loyalty and deeper connections with their drivers. Cerence UX Services is a suite of evaluation and validation services that provides automakers with deep analysis and understanding of the in-car user experience and driver satisfaction.

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Cerence Multimodal Interaction

Our industry-leading AI for cars just got smarter

Cerence sets the bar for voice in cars, building on decades of experience using conversational artificial intelligence and deep learning to perfect the way machines speak and listen. But sometimes it’s more convenient to communicate with a flick of the hand, a scribble, or a pointed look—so we’ve evolved Cerence Drive to understand handwriting, gestures, emotions, and even the human gaze. Like a friend, your assistant just gets it, shifting seamlessly from one mode of human interaction to the next.

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Cerence Conversational AI

Deep learning for connected cars

Our AI knows your users as well as it knows the world. With future mobility around the corner, connected driving is less of a dream than an expectation. Soon every car will have an AI-powered automotive assistant—but only those equipped with Cerence Drive will offer a solution intuitive enough to think for users, curating responses based on who they are, who they’re with, what’s around them, and where they’re headed.

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Cerence Studio

An enhanced developer platform creating uniquely branded experiences

Putting custom voice-driven AI innovations in developers’ hands

Cerence Studio is a comprehensive development environment that goes beyond voice recognition, NLU, and dialog tools to collaboratively manage the lifecycle of a project. From ideation to production, Cerence Studio provides access to tools, tutorials, technology, and expertise from Cerence’s decades of experience in developing best-in-class in-car voice assistants. 

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